Sustainable organic viticulture

In order to realise our wine style, the quality of the grapes is a decisive factor. For this reason, the vineyards have been cultivated organically since 2019, and official certification will be completed in 2023. "Our aim is to cultivate every single vine so individually and gently that it lives to be at least 100 years old." is Robert Krammer's credo. Thanks to careful pruning, the vines are additionally strengthened and, in cooperation with the company "Pannatura", valuable compost is spread in the vineyards, with Esterhazy contributing the pomace, for example. Our vineyards are located in six different wine-growing communities - Grosshöflein, Sankt Georgen, Rust, Sankt Margarethen, Eisenstadt and Oslip. This results in a wide variety of soils and microclimates. It is very important to us to emphasise these differences and make the character of each community tangible in the wines!